At arrival time, if you wish to pay the balance with a Credit Card, a processing fee will apply.  Personal Checks or cash can be accepted.
Please check in at the location provided on the "Directions Section"
Check-in time is 2:00 - 3:00  pm - if planning on arriving at a later hour, please include the time in the form below, or notify us by calling us.  Primary Offices will be closed at 5:00 pm.  Secondary Office will be closed at 9:00 pm.  Check-out time is 11:00 am  - An additional fee equivalent to 50% of one night rent will apply for an unauthorized late check-out.

We make every effort to provide all of our visitors with a pleasant, accommodating and secure stay at at our lodges, and to guarantee a confirmed reservation we require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Changing dates could result in a cancellation fee; however, if there is a valid reason for which you would need to change dates, we will strive to make the most suitable arrangements if you call in advance. 

Failure to show or early departure: the customer will be responsible for the total amount. We recommend that during rain or snow seasons, be informed on the weather of this region so you can prepare and travel accordingly (we will not be responsible for cancellations due to weather or other acts of God.)  In case of extreme weather conditions in our region, negotiations could take place. 


The following additional charges will apply according to Appalachian Adventures rates:

  • Late check-out without prior authorization

  • Failure to return key upon departure

  • Additional cleaning fees

  • Additional guests without prior authorization

  • Late check-in (after 9:00 pm).  if you will have a difficult time arriving before 9:00 pm, you must make arrangements in advance by calling the office 540-743-7311.  We recommend that you prepare your trip in advance and become knowledgeable beforehand on your travel time and our directions. Our directions are posted below.


In order to conserve energy, we turn the temperature down on the hot-tubs.  If you are planning on using it upon arrival, please let us know in advance - this apply to Three Sister's View, Valley View and Sunrise Ridge only.

Since you have chosen to come to the country for your vacation, please keep in mind that wonderful Mother Nature will be the principal element of your vacation and you will be part of the local environment. Because of weather conditions, insects become more active during spring and summer months.  While our cabins are treated twice a year and thoroughly cleaned between arrivals and departures, ladybugs and other insects sometimes affect our properties and an unwanted little guest might decide to visit you.  For those who suffer from allergies, also remember that our cabins are “pet-friendly”  

Keep in mind that you were quoted a certain rate based on the number of guests and length of stay. Any deviation from these numbers will result in an additional fee. All changes to the above information must be made prior to arrival (Please be aware that penalty fees will be applied to this contract if the number of guests is not honored.)

We appreciate your business and would like to know if there is anything that we could do to help make your stay a pleasant and memorable experience.


In order to serve you better, Appalachian Adventures Lodges can check you in at one of our two locations.  Please call us in advance to coordinate meeting place, which will depend of your planned  time of arrival.


IMPORTANT WARNING - Mapquest and/or Commercial Navigation systems do not provide accurate directions to our properties. 


MAIN OFFICE:  2093 East Main Street, Luray, VA 22835.

SECONDARY OFFICE:  3095 Lee Highway, Luray, VA. 22835

To avoid unnecessary stress for you, please plan your route before your trip.  We recommend that you print and bring along these directions; they are accurate and if details are followed, you will arrive without any complications.


FROM WASHINGTON, DC. - (Both routes take the same amount of time)


Direct Route by Front Royal

1.       From the Beltway take Route 66 West –(Approx. 60 Miles)

2.       Exit to Linden - Exit No. 13 Linden/Front Royal

3.       Make a left at light

4.       Stop light - turn Right on 55 to Front Royal (Approx. 5 miles)

5.       Left into 340 South

6.       Drive approximately 20 miles to intersection with 211.

7.       Make a left on 211 East (Exit to Washington, D.C.)




(After Hours/Special days)

8.  Pass the Days Inn (on your left)
9.  Make a right on Business 211 West
10. We are the first building on the right
     (Brown and white two story building)

8.   Drive Approx. 5 miles

9.       Pass Brookside Restaurant

10.   1/10 of mile later you will see “Halo Furniture Store”

11.   Make a "U" turn, first driveway on right into 
  “Pumpkin Hill”

12.   Follow road – pass horse corral, pass Long’s Outfitters/Appalachian Adventures Shop, come to the house to get the keys and directions to your cabin.


b. Scenic Route by Shenandoah National Park

1.   From the Beltway take Route 66 West – (32.5 Miles)

2.   Take exit to Gainesville/Warrenton Exit No. 43 B (Into Route 29 South) (11.5 Miles)

3.   Follow the signs to Warrenton

4.   Pass through Warrenton’s Business 29.(2.1 Miles)

5.   Make a right on Rt. 211 towards Luray – Drive approximately 40 miles

6.   Pass entrances to Skyline Drive (Shenandoah National Park)

7.   Descend Mountains

8.   Pass Shenandoah National Park Headquarters - The road will become a divided highway

(After Hours/Special days):
9. Drive approximately 4 miles and make a left into Business
10. We are the first building on the right (Brown and white
      two story building)
9. Drive.5/10 of a mile and turn right into a private gravel
    driveway.  Our property is called Pumpkin Hill and you will
    see a sign once you turn into the driveway. Go up to the
    house with a carport and check-in. We will give you
    directions and your key to the cabin


Please be aware that this reservation form does not work if submitted through a smart phone.
If this is your case, you must send us an email indicating that
you have read and agree with all the policies and recommendations.

Include your name, phone number and a brief explanation of your booking.



Thank you for choosing our lodges for your stay. This form should be filled out only if your reservation was made with our office staff and by using your personal credit card. Please feel free to contact us if additional information is required.
Name of Cabin
Arrival and Departure dates
Number of Nights
Date when deposit payment was made and amount paid
Your name and complete address
Email address - Please note that if inaccurate, this page will not be received. 
Best telephone number to contact you
Number of Adults, Number of Children and Pets  -Pet fees must be added to the total.
Additional Services
(such as firewood or linens)
I Agree with the Check-In Process
I Agree with all Policies here mentioned
I have read all Recommendations and Directions
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